Where are you LOCATED?

- We are located on the West side of Sherbrook Street between the Misericordia Health Centre and Stella's Bakery and Restaurant.

Where can I PARK?

- There is ample free street parking around the neighborhood. However please review the City of Winnipeg parking signs if parking on the street as the City tickets and tows all vehicles not following parking directions.

- There are also numerous onsite patient parking spots in the REAR of the building. However these spots are leased from the building and incur a charge. Please follow all signs and speak with our staff for more information. Please note all unauthorized vehicles parked in Reserved Tenant Parking will be towed at the owners’ expense.

Why is the LAB closed at times when the SSHCP is open?

- The onsite laboratory is owned and operated by a separate company: Dynacare. Therefore it operates under separate hours from the rest of the health centre. Current lab hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Where is the LAB located?

- The lab is located in the Pharmacy waiting room by the front windows. Please take a number from the red ticket dispenser and wait to be called.

Why is there a charge for TRAVEL appointments and medications?

- Currently Manitoba Health does NOT cover any travel related costs and therefore must be paid for privately.

Why doesn't the SSHCP return my EMAILS?

- According to Federal & Provincial privacy regulations, regular email is not considered a secure means of communication for personal health information. Therefore the SSHCP by law cannot respond to any health related inquiries or book appointments per email.

If the SSHCP cannot respond to my emails, then why can you text me and why can I fill out health information questionnaires online?

- All of our texts and questionnaires are directly integrated with our clinic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software featuring 2-Factor Authentication which is approved by privacy regulations. Since our regular email is not integrated with our EMR, nor does it feature 2-Factor Authentication, it is unable to be used.